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Train harder, fuel smarter…..

Our vision is that food should be enjoyable at any time, so also when on a bike ride, a run, or at the gym. This is why we use natural ingredients and superfoods, such as cashew nuts, fruits and manuka honey in our products that will reward and sustain your energy. Boosta Honey's unique combination of naturally occurring glucose and fructose gives it the health and energy properties that can't be found in any other ingredients.

While training hard for the sports I loved, the unnatural, highly processed products on the market didn't fuel or sustain my body, plus they didn't taste good! One summer working for Dad, a beekeeper, I saw the answer right in front of me. So I, Hayden Pohio, started Boosta with Dad's pure honey from hives around the Waikato and Mum's homemade recipe from when I was a to use 2 sets of text on home page

I'm sharing the benefits of honey from the kitchen to the lunchbox to the track. The Boosta range has been designed to deliver maximum sustained energy, right when you need it the most. Our mission is to provide the whole family with high quality honey products, accessible for everyday life. No added flavours, colours or preservatives here, Boosta just doesn't need them. Easy to fit into your pocket, this premium Manuka Honey and all natural Boosta range tastes great and give you lasting energy!